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6 Interesting Musical Instruments to Play Other Than The Piano

Many people that know how to play a musical instrument learnt the piano or guitar first. But what if you’ve mastered the piano and you’re looking for an exciting challenge ahead? If you’re open to learning additional musical instruments, you could be playing your next sheet music on the Ukulele!

Here’s a list of some interesting additional musical instruments you can learn to play:

The Flute

You can make very great sounds playing the flute. Actually, there’s flute sheet music that you can read online and play your favourite melodies. The flute is a wind instrument you play by blowing air across a mouth piece at the top section. You can play different notes by pressing the appropriate keys and adjusting the intensity of blown air.

The Ukulele

If you know how to play the guitar, learning the Ukulele won’t be a big deal, though there’s no doubt it’s going to be exciting. This is a type of a small guitar with roots in Hawaii. It has four strings, and just like with a standard guitar, these strings are strummed or plucked to produce a sound. The instrument exists in a variety of sizes.


A mandolin is a guitar-like musical instrument with strings plucked using a pick (plectrum). It originated in Italy, and it has four courses of metal strings. These strings are tuned in a manner similar to the strings of a violin.

The Violin

The violin is a string instrument capable of producing very high-pitch notes. The instrument has a wooden body and metal strings. To play the violin, you hold a bow with your right hand and move it across the strings. This causes the strings to vibrate. To play different notes, press different strings using the left fingers.

If you’re already familiar with, say, a free sheet music for your preferred tune, you may be ready to take up the challenge of playing the violin. Some people can even play this instrument by strumming the strings with the right hand fingers. Don’t forget to pick the violin size that matches the length of your arm!

The Tuba

The tuba is a brass instrument which can produce extremely deep notes. To play a tuba, blow air through its mouthpiece with your lips buzzed together. When you vary the speed of blown air and press the valves down in the appropriate pattern, you’ll produce different notes.

The Baritone Horn

The baritone horn resembles the trombone. The brass instrument has got valves which you press down to produce different notes. Air is blown on its mouthpiece to produce a sound. Many trumpet players are able to easily play the baritone horn because these two instruments have similar finger positions. However, you can play lower-pitch notes with the baritone horn.

Once you’re done enjoying free piano sheet music, you can explore more exciting sheet music when you master additional instruments such as the flute, violin, and baritone horn. The good thing is that you won’t need an introduction to the music theory as you try out as many musical instruments as you’ve got time and interest for!

October 2, 2018, Music Wind Instruments